Permanent Solution to your Bedrooom “Flop”

Rise above Dissapointment & Embarassment with a Biga, Tika, Longer Gbola that last for 45mins and still standing HARD!

Say goodbye to your 3mins Instant Noodles game and go 3-5 rounds with ease

Lets face it…

No woman want an underperforming man, no woman want a man small carrot gbola. That aunty will never stick to you if you are that one minute chairman that cant go 2-3 rounds to satisfy her craving. Your babe already stop complaining about your wack game because she’s getting it back to back by another “superman”. Trust me, love alone cant conquer this bro. Thats the fact!

You Aren't Alone In This Bro!

70% of men out there suffer from this and keep loosing their sexy hot woman to the hand of the remaining 30% real men. In fact I was on this table too only that mine was even worst. Yes, you heard me right!

Imagine after making mouth for this gorgeous, curvy bursty chic, its now time for action, I couldn’t last 3mins. Are you done? I cant even feel you inside me. she asked disappointed. To cover my shame, I had to lie she’s too sweet and tight but it kept on happening over and over. Sadly she left me for another guy and even embarassed me that “I NO BE MAN”. Thats when I decided enough is enough.

Just look at this illustration below of the old me and the new reborn me.

Old Me

New Reborn Me

You Can Become Her "ODOGWU"

Now imagine you can achieve that desired Joystick size, make her scream your name loudly, Drill her for 60mins non stop without getting tired and your Gbola still stand KAMPE!

Imagine always exceeding her expectation anytime without complain even if you are 70yrs.

Imagine her Hailing you and asking you if you want to kill her with premium KNACKING’

It might sound like a dream but it’s possible only if you “FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD”. This is exactly why you need 2 in 1 PAWAHERBAL Bigman Pack.


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Tried Every Medication In The Past?

Maybe You have tried a lot of medication, pills, energy drinks, gin and all in the past but no changes, the fact is most of these are just temporary boosters that cause more damage to the body system on the long run.

This is your last bus stop as our BIGMAN is produced to give you a permanent solution.

Take a look a few benefits of BIGMAN PACK…

  • 100% Natural Herb
  • Fight any infections in your body system
  • Make your dick bigger, thicker and longer
  • Return your morning hardness
  • Promote Stamina and energy
  • Increase sperm count and motility
  • Cure any premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Promote blood circulation



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Stop making things harder for yourself, its really easy to make her fall in love with you over text. Just learn the basic. This easy-to-use, step-by-step guide shows you how to text a girl, what to text, and when to text it to her.


One of the most shameful thing in life is a small dick. No matter how long you can last, how rich you are, how romantic and caring you are,  if your woman cant feel you inside her because of your toothpick prick, then you already hand over a free passage for her to cheat.

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